Buffering The Series is a digital about the story of Ben Little (played by Curt Mega), a guy who fell from being kinda famous to unbearably a nobody. To prove that he’s still talented, he’ll do what every ambitious actor does: make a web series. It’s not easy making a web series, especially when you’re broke, depressed, and uninspired. Luckily, he has some dysfunctional friends to ruin his flimsy plan

This digital series has brought fans from around the globe together and created a family of Buffies. As a thank you to the amazing cast and crew for all they have done for us, The Buffering Project would like to raise $500 for their chosen charity, The Lupus Foundation of America

By donating to the project, you will be entered into a draw to win some amazing prizes. we have one of a kind art work by @Yenna92, an amazing special dedication song written by Buffering theme composer Nick D. Thomas, a specially made by Tessa Netting, one of a kind Buffering bowtie and there’s still more in the works…

Check out the project by clicking here and follow the twitter for all the comings and goings @Buffies4LFA

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